3 great websites where you can build your virtual business card

Ok, you’ve written your bio. It’s now on paper and it stands out from the crowd. You are ready to present yourself the next time you apply for a job or are about to make a speech or publish an article. But that’s not all. There’s a lot more you can do with your bio. Starting building your personal brand, for example.

Control the information about yourself on the web
There are a lot of platforms on the internet where you can build your own virtual business card and personal brand, display your portfolio and skills and where you can send people who like to know more about you. It’s a way for you to control what others get to know about you. If you don’t have a place on the web, people will google you instead and God knows where that leads them. Make sure people get the right and important information about you, and not the party pictures you’re tagged in on Facebook.

Above is my space on about.me. When becoming a registered member, you can choose from different layout’s to make your page personal and link to your own websites and social media. You will get a very neat virtual business card in no time which you also can share via an iPhone app. I like the fact that the service is free, easy to personalize and very manageable. Take a look at the video below to see how it works and what more you can do there.

Flavours.me is a similar free service, but if you like features such as mobile access, contact information and a customized url, you have to upgrade to premium account for a yearly fee.

IdentyMe offers space where you can visualize your portfolio, manage your contacts as well as having your virtual business cards and web mini site. The basic subscription is free, but if you want more portfolio space or customized design, you have to pay a monthly fee.

Check them out and decide which one you like the best. The basic services are free, so you can try them without losing anything.


8 thoughts on “3 great websites where you can build your virtual business card

  1. Hi Anna,

    I actually wasn’t aware of these websites available. Another good one is LinkedIn. It is similar to Facebook but much more professional. It allows users to connect with colleagues and others in their industry, assists in creating industry contacts and sharing information.

    • Hi Matt, I really like LinkedIn where professionals can network. But I also like to use about.me as a complementary site. It allows you to create a virtual business card without having to reveal every professional detail about yourself, as you do on LinkedIn. Glad I could contribute to new knowledge! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Hey! this is a great post! i might consider doing this, I have the same problem as Veronica in the presentation :D. Now I need to read more about writing a killer bio. Thanks for posting this

    • Happy to hear that you like the site too! Curious to know if you share your cards via the smart phone app as well? It’s a great environmental friendly idea. Thank you for posting!

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  4. That is a great site! Lets you brand your name and gather all your contact info in one place! I can’t seem to decide about the background though….. i am changing it all the time…! 😛 Plus i got the URL kinda “wrong”, about.me/iaggelidaki, when i should have put my full name…… 😦

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