How to Keep Your Career Alive

I’d like to add more reading related to Monday’s post Without Personal Branding Your Career is Dead. These three posts gives an in-depth view of how you can develop your personal brand, whether you’re a student, just started your career or are an experienced professional.

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Three Tips to Take Your Personal Brand to the Next Level

Sure, you’re on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Your info is up-to-date. Your resumé is filled with error-free copy. But these days, there’s more to personal branding than that.

Developing Your Personal Brand in College

If you want to land a good job someday, you must shine while you’re still in college, remember that it’s a big world out there and no matter how smart you are nobody will notice you unless you stand out in the crowd. Having your own personal brand and being able to communicate that brand is key in helping you land a great job after college.

Personal Branding Faux Pas on Social Media [15 DOs & DON’Ts]

Your Personal Brand is the unique brand value proposition that you offer; it is the reputation that you consciously build by consistently delivering your brand proposition – Your Brand Promise. It is a beautiful mosaic of who you are; what you do; whom you do it for; and why only YOU can do it for them.

Did you find these posts useful? I would be very happy if you’d like to share a link to other great content on personal branding.


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